Album: Beat’n Down Yo Block [Deluxe Edition]

Año: 2007

Velocidad de Bits: 128 kbps

Frecuencia de Muestreo: 44,100 kHz



01. Intro (feat. dj jelly)
02. Beatn down yo block
03. Walk it out
04. Comin down da street (feat. loko)
05. Bring it back
06. 2 Step
07. Slow it up (feat. jizzleman)
08. Dont make us (feat. dj montay and d.g. yola)
09. Flatline
10. Thinking of you (feat.jazzy pha)
11. Fresh dressed (feat. backbone)
12. Ayy
13. This is how we do (feat. big korey and dru)
14. Hold on ho (feat. baby d and parlae)
15. Smokin sticky sticky
16. Hit the dance floor (remix) (feat. baby D)
17. Say yes (feat. dru)
18. Back it up
19. Brand new day
20. Walk it out (remix) (feat. outkast and jim jones)
21. 2 Step (remix) (feat. t-pain jim jone e-40)

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?b1wunhb7250y1bq



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